Assorted GIS entertainment

Where are all the toilets in Minneapolis?

An analysis of an unexpected dataset.

Javascript D3 PostGIS

The Minneapolis Million Dollar Mansion District

A look at property values and the lakes.

Javascript D3 PostGIS

Prenatal care disparities in Minneapolis

Data I programmatically liberated from PDFs, and turned into a explorable map with Google Fusion Tables. The map was also published in

Haskell FusionTables

Data mashup: VBR + Property Info

I combined data from Minneapolis Vacant/Boarded Properties Registration, and Minneapolis property info to map VBR properties by age. The map was also published in


Storify: when I am too lazy to blog

A collection of tweets, where I dump occasional maps that I'm too lazy to write bigger articles about.

2013 Niceride utilization

A visualization of Niceride usage, compared to various demographic information available in the U.S. Census. It's a lot of data, be patient while it loads.

PostGIS d3 topojson

Minneapolis old properties

Old Minneapolis properties. How many are there?


OutFront Action

A tool to search for your legislators and view their voting record on LGBT issues.


Participation and Income

Participation in the last Minneapolis mayor election, vs. average neighborhood income.

PostGIS d3